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Pocatello: (208) 254-5604

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This Book REVEALS Everything You Need to Know About:

Restoring Hearing Clarity Using NeuroTechnology™

FDA Approved Tinnitus Treatments and the Reasons Why Your Ears Ring

The Neuroscience of Maintaining Independence and Increasing Social Engagement As You Age

The Proven Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Developing Dementia

The Impact of Untreated hearing Loss on Cognitive Function

The Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss

And Other Topics Including: Audiology, Treatment Process, and NeuroTechnology™

"If you or somebody you love is worried about aging, the impacts of social isolation, cognitive decline and Dementia, hearing loss, and losing your independence - this book is for you!" -Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD

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About the Authors:

Dr. Kelley Olenick, AuD

Audiologist and Owner of Hearing Zone

A fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association. She has served on the Idaho State licensing board for Audiology and is adjunct faculty at ISU where she has taught Audiology coursework, performed clinical hearing and balance testing and supervised Audiology graduate students.

Dr. Keith N. Darrow, PhD

MIT and Harvard Medical Trained NeuroScientist

Nationally Recognized Speaker, Trainer, and Researcher. Owner of Hearing & Balance Centers of New England. Founder of the non-profit Health Hearing Foundation of New England. Professor at Worcester State University. Research cited over 550 in leading science and medical journals.

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